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Leaves are Falling. Autumn is Calling.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

“Wonder does not have walls, battlements, guards, or gates."

As I sit at my new desk in my new home overlooking the neighborhood in Philadelphia, I am living through a significant life change. Everything is unique, and my eyes are wide open to observe what’s around me.

There are moments when I immerse myself in the excitement of the freshness of it all. But there are also moments when I get completely overwhelmed by my surroundings, realizing that I’ve decided to leave everything I know to move here. The emotions flow through me, and I feel disoriented.

Nevertheless, I know I need to wait for the moment to execute what I’m here to do.

“....revolve me nearer to the center. Then all the work I put my hand to widens from turn to turn.” - Rilke’s Book of Hours.

It is intriguing to think about why I became a yoga teacher in the first place- I always knew I’d leave Taiwan one way or the other. I wanted to ensure that I had options, so I flew to India and got certified. It opened my eyes to what's truly possible. I loved playing with the idea of moving somewhere else.

When I finally decided to come to the States, there was a lightness in me. I was relieved and thrilled. The idea of continuing to live in Taiwan all of a sudden felt stagnant and heavy.

“Be careful what you wish for.” I now understand it profoundly. I continue to discover how fortunate I am to transition here with so much care and support. I feel loved and accepted by my people. I can have time and money to take my time and find my own pace in a new city without feeling isolated, anxious, or stressed. I’m truly blessed.

Empty what's full. Full what's empty.
Empty what's full. Full what's empty.

I’m glad my wish to leave Taiwan came true the way it did. I’m so grateful that I was fully ready in all aspects when it came true. I’ve done everything I wanted to do running Peacestreet, and my relationships with my friends and family are intimate and supportive. My effort to grow did not go in vain. The amount of experience I’ve gathered over the years to help me become a more equipped and informed teacher is fruitful. It seems fitting for the end of a chapter. I wonder if you have to have an equal amount of experience points to have your wish come true.

I’m making a new wish, imagining a life I love here. I know the steps I need to create again from scratch: get to know the unknown, practice what I know, gain new experience, meet the right people and let nature take its course.

The future is unfolding, and I’m vibing and connecting. There’s so much I want to share with you, dear friends. So much. Please check back soon.




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