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The basis for your practice is guided by focusing on observation and awareness. It is assisted with purpose and intention as well as finding comfort and ease while exploring different elements of yoga.


Suitable for anyone looking to move their body with proper breathing techniques, and create space and consistency within their practice with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. 


Focus, Purpose and Ease.

Theme based Vinyasa Yoga

It will be a strong, guided practice with explanation and deconstructions for improved understanding and safety. Expect inversion poses, pranayama and meditation. Designed for alignment-based practitioners with fundamentals and those seeking a deep dive into a series of selected peak poses.

Therapeutic yoga

Here, you will use yoga as a therapeutic tool. Applying the techniques of yoga to alleviate specific problems (physical, mental, and/or spiritual) coupled with knowledge (specific to the problem), experience, and intuition. The practice tends to be slow and calming, different from a traditional yoga practice. It may contain massage therapy and non-traditional movements to achieve a balance in the mind and the body. Expect restorative poses, use of props, longer periods of pranayama and meditation.

Yoga with chronic pain

Build healing responses of mind and body by combining gentle yoga poses and conscious breathing. Poses are meant to be held for longer than a few breaths.  It engages the mind but rests the body. This practice creates an environment where you can change your experience of physical pain to regain a sense of safety, control, and courage that you need to move past your experience of chronic pain. Expect restorative poses, pranayama, and use of props.

Theme based Hatha Yoga

This includes the deconstruction of poses to build stability in flexibility work. You will progress in your practice with alignment techniques. It will be a mellow but mentally-engaging practice.  Expect use of props, detailed explanation, pranayama, and meditation.

Yoga after injury

Maintain physical and mental health while injured. Learn more about your body as we find ways to address what the body needs and create a rewarding practice. We will either avoid the injured area and work on maintaining ranges of motion, strength and flexibility in other areas of the body, or we work towards improving the condition through yoga, movement, pilates or manual work. Expect use of props, hands-on adjustment(only when necessary) , pranayama and meditation.

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What My Students Say


— Sarah Indiana, Singer, 36

Patti is an amazing teacher and person. Patient, kind and always very positive and encouraging. She always puts her heart and soul into her classes, and cares deeply about her students.
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