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Masculinity and Femininity: Love is Both

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

In traditional Indian Tantrism, one of the branches of yogic philosophy, we all have a divine masculine that takes the form of Shiva, and a divine feminine that takes the form of Shakti within us.

On this Valentine's Day, where we celebrate romance and acts of love. How do we make genuine, conscious shifts that allow us to be loving and become freer in the world?

Shiva (Mahadeva)

Shiva represents the state of being unmoved by pain or suffering brought on by the external world. His energy is centered, grounded, and compassionate. In Shiva's expression, he is the space that holds feminine energy.

The power of Shiva's consciousness brings great inner strength and spaciousness. The nature of Shiva's energy is steadfast, peaceful and strong. He is unmoved with complete presence without agenda.

To have the greatest expression of our masculinity, we need to be completely comfortable with our inner femininity.

A realized inner masculine knows who he is and is purposeful in his knowing. There is deep wisdom and capacity for awareness within Shiva.

Shakti/ Parvati (Adi Parashakt)

Shakti represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the universe. She is ever-changing, moving and flowing. Her energy is creative, sustaining, as well as destructive and transcendent.

She is the creator of the universe, the foundation of the world. She is responsible for the manifestation of all matter and the energy of the universe.

Shakti has a flexible and shape-shifting quality to her. She embraces reality as a dance. Shakti's expression is sensual, raw and expressive.

All the things of creation are birthed through the feminine aspect of Shakti. They are dance, movement, power, energy and the freedom to become.

To truly rest in our feminine energy, we need to practice our inner masculine.

A realized inner feminine is not afraid of surrendering. She is trusting and expressive. There's great power and capacity for intuition within Shakti.

The Divine Union

This is a tale of origin. In this epic love. Shiva sits on the earth, crown to the sky, a column of pure presence. Shakti straddles him, piercing his heart with her own, undulating with life inside of his immense embrace.

Shiva is pure being as the cosmos holding space in stillness. Shakti is pure being in all her shape-shifting flow, creativity and her endless opening to possibility. They are forever in union. They are divinely masculine and feminine consorts.

Shakti's energy can be manifested in everything that lives, while Shiva is formless. With his undivided presence, Shakti moves freely with her rawness.

These two divine sacred energies are equal and opposite forces. We can't have one without the other. It is believed that both are deemed to be inactive in the absence of Shakti.

Fierce Love

It is said that through Shakti, Shiva can experience himself.

Whatever your relationship status is, I want you to remember that your divine life forces are alive and well in your body, heart and soul.

I'm reminding myself to surrender to love fully. Allowing myself to consciously practice Shiva's grounding and undivided presence and holding space for self-discovery. I'm reminding myself to celebrate my wild nature and uniqueness. Allowing myself to flow like the current in the ocean and be open to possibilities like Shakti. Finding a love story within myself.

Learning to soften. Being open. Letting go.

For that, I only need to be there, without agenda, in a space where I can BE.

Be full.

Be my bliss.

Be my rawness.

Be all that I am.

Be fully seen.

Love fiercely, my dear ones.

On this Valentine, I wish we all can find and feel that radiant love deep within,


4 commentaires

16 févr. 2023

love it!


15 févr. 2023

“A love story within myself” ❤️


15 févr. 2023

This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing.

15 févr. 2023
En réponse à

Agreed! This is not the masculinity and femininity that Im familiar with. Thanks!

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