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Thriving is Elegant

Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant. - Maya Angelou

Hemkund Sahib, Garhwal Himalayas

Being in unknown territory is a bit disorienting. Nevertheless, I believe that only through conscious effort can we realize our most profound potential and purpose to become a complete person worthy of contentment.

Moving to Philly has given me an opportunity to reevaluate my values, and I’m ready to begin this chapter with a fresh start. These might be intangible, but I believe that they are the building blocks of purpose. I feel much better after organizing what I need to thrive in this new environment. Whatever stage you are in your life, I hope you find this beneficial.


Positive Perspective

I see the good in the future

  • Hope- I look positively toward the future, set goals, and feel confident that I can reach them

  • Honesty- I have integrity with my values, practice what I preach, and am authentic along the journey forward

Religiosity and Spirituality

I am connected with the universe in a meaningful way

  • Sadhana- a relationship with a higher power, having a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Allow other strengths to emerge, such as gratitude

Proactive Personality

I try to challenge myself

  • Bravery- seek out opportunities to be challenged

  • Perseverance strength- an internal desire to pursue

  • Zest- self-regulation to take on the right task and not take on too much


I am motivated to grow

  • Curiosity- take action in relationships, work, or play

  • Love of learning- take action in the pursuit of knowledge, ideas, and the development of new skills

Knowledge and Learning

Knowledge removes ignorance

  • Creativity- conceptualize ideas that result in something worthwhile

  • Perspective- consider different and relevant perspectives and use my experiences and knowledge to clarify the big picture

  • Appreciation of Excellence- recognize, emotionally experience, and appreciate the beauty around me and the skill of others

Psychological Resilience

I overcome, rise, and benefit from my struggles

  • Gratitude- express thankfulness to myself and others

  • Forgiveness- I forgive others when they upset me and when they treat me unkindly towards me, and I use that information in my future relations with them

  • Kindness- I am helpful and empathetic and regularly do kind favors for others without expecting anything in return

Social Competence

It matters that I connect with others

  • Love- share care with genuine support

  • Vulnerability- embrace support, love, and help from others


You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.

  • The center of interest- the quality of having a clear purpose and intention


Rooted in contribution

  • Service- understand how my unique skills can meet the needs of the world

  • Vision- I only need to find, refine and live out my own


Clear intention creates momentum for ease

  • Grounding- the best solutions arise when I am simply spacious and centered

  • Internal wisdom- learn to allow all the internal commotions to slow down to the pace of a meandering stream


The tendency of the mind is to fear the unknown. I know that I don't have to be afraid. I am safe in the unknown. I know that I don’t have to figure it all out. I want it to open my heart. I want to be undone, unzipped. My heart and arms open. I am safe.

When I listen to my intuition, instinct, body, heart, and inner silence. I feel a powerful energy in me that only truth can offer. There's endless, boundless peace between where I am and where I want to be. There’s an opportunity to be still. As I find myself in the gap between the past and the future, I know that this, right now, right here, is the space where I was called to come alive.

I hope that this inspires you to contemplate more specifically what your core values are. If you have anything to share or add. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for reading.

With love,



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